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0016: Do What You Love

Mar 26, 2021

Life is short, do what you love!

This week I received the call that no one wants to get. My father has taken ill and they don't expect him to last through the weekend. My brother said, if you want to see him, you should go now.

I did what any good son would do, I jumped on the next flight to Florida to see my Pop. When I got there, it was as bad as they said. It sure didn't seem like he had long. While sitting flying out to see him my brain was filled thoughts about life and life choices. Was I a good son? Was I successful? Is my father proud of me and my life choices? 

As i sat in the plane all I could think was.... YES. I have dedicated my life to serving others. Each and every day I feel as though 100's of people are better off from the education and efforts I put out in to the world each day. It actually made me feel better about the whole situation. 

How about you? Do you feel like you are contributing to society in a positive way? If not, why not? If you like working out, staying healthy, eating right, then a easy way to give back is to help others get where you are right now. So many people are needlessly suffering from eating issues, lack of moving and overall poor health. We can all help them!!!!!