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0016: Do What You Love Mar 26, 2021

Life is short, do what you love!

This week I received the call that no one wants to get. My father has taken ill and they don't expect him to last through the weekend. My brother said, if you want to see him, you should go now.

I did what any good son would do, I jumped on the next flight to...

0017: Study Functional Anatomy Mar 26, 2021

Moving is so simple, most of us do not even think twice when we move. The challenge comes when we stop moving, or only move in specific patterns. Our bodies were meant to move in all directions, all speeds and to move all the time.

With our sedentary lifestyles and lack of moving we are all...

0015: Move Your Body! Mar 10, 2021


Nothing in fitness actually makes sense. We call a sport Powerlifting that uses almost NO power, and we call a sport Olympic Weightlifting that is all about power. With that said, STOP listening to idiots telling you what to do. Let's use our common sense for a minute, shall we. 


0014: Putting It All Together Mar 03, 2021



Moving is so simple, most of us do not even think twice when we move. But behind the scenes within the body, there are many elements and reactions taking place for movement to occur.


Muscular contraction occurs even before the actual objective, such as your core stabilizing...

0013: Keep Training Feb 24, 2021



Being a personal trainer is definitely not easy, but one could absolutely say it is a gratifying career.


Helping people reach their goals through exercise is a very fulfilling experience, but sometimes there can be obstacles between the trainer and potential clients.


0012: Only $17?! Feb 17, 2021



What are you waiting for? You could be an amazing personal trainer and you might not even know it!


The NCEP slogan is 'Teach it forward'. We are at a point in time and space where we CAN control our future. Where we can build a trajectory towards our goal.


Fitness for...

0011: Build Relationships Feb 10, 2021



Network network network! You hear it everywhere, and everyone says it. Probably because greatness is only a result of shared effort, never alone.


An easy way to start is to join discussions! Comment on a thread. Post your knowledge or opinion on a topic. It's always valuable...

0010: Before Training... Feb 03, 2021



What does 'Personal Training' mean to you? There hasn't been a claim on a definition, but we can break it down by separating the vocabulary.


Personal, to be personal, can be described as with one, or amongst a close group of people. Typically this can be anywhere between 1-5...

0009: Think About Posture! Jan 27, 2021



Posture posture posture! We hear it all the time, everywhere we go. Don't slouch, open your chest, etc.

In this week's episode, Mike examines the topic of posture through the lens of a Personal Trainer. How do we (members of the fitness community) relate posture to movement? What...

0008: The Client's Journey Jan 20, 2021



The SYSTEM! In this week's episode, Mike shares an instrumental feature of becoming a successful personal trainer, whether it is in person or online.


You're the trainer, you've learned what you've needed to learn, but let's take a step back. What is your why? What are your...

0007: Who CARES?? Jan 13, 2021



What do you think of when you hear the term 'Personal Trainer'?


Personal trainers help people lose weight, get stronger, or reach various fitness goals. But the thing that truly determines a personal trainer's success, is that they CARE.


Flashy physique and defined...

0006: What Does 2021 Look Like? Jan 06, 2021



2021 is a brand new year, where do you want to see yourself next year? There are no limits, but ALWAYS be realistic. Small and lasting changes will always prevail over large and drastic changes.


Incentivize anything and anything! Your loss is just one experience among many...