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0041: It's All Related Sep 08, 2021

This week Mike looks at the 5 Components of Fitness and takes a deeper dive into how all 5 are related. This breaks into a look at how important the way we look at things changes our perception.


0040: It's Time To Audit! Sep 01, 2021

This week Mike goes over why it is so important to set goals for your clients and then to audit them every so often to make sure they are on path to succeed.


0039: It Really Is That Easy! Sep 01, 2021

Creating programs for your clients really is simple if you understand some basic ideas. If we always keep in mind that it is about function and the ability to move, it comes down to just a few fundamentals. Don't be fooled by all the noise by the fitness "gurus" trying to make you believe it is...

0038: Turn It Off! Aug 18, 2021

This week Mike talks about trainers using their cell phones during their sessions and NOT turning it off when they are with their family. It is very important to set hours and be 100% present in everything you do.

0037: Let Your Clients Catch Their Breath cardio training heart rate Aug 11, 2021

Why is it that trainers know so little about the actual science of cardiovascular training? First, they have everyone saying that cardio training is fat loss training..... I am not even going to get in to that one now. Then, they don't know the client's numbers and don't use a heart rate monitor...

0035: Monkey See, Monkey Do Should NOT Be Your Mantra! Jul 28, 2021

Monkey See, Monkey Do Should NOT Be Your Mantra! This week Mike calls out trainers that see things on YouTube and then use them with their clients before knowing the WHY!

0034: Why Can't We Squat Anymore? Jul 21, 2021

Why Can't We Squat Anymore?

This week Mike looks at Pronation Distortion and why most people squat so poorly.

0033: My Aching Head! Jul 14, 2021

Why Do I Keep Getting Headaches? This week Mike pulls out his Exercise Therapy books and tackles the question of headaches and how to make it go away.

0032: Pain In The A$$ Jul 07, 2021

How Do You Get Rid Of The Pain In Your A$$?

This week Mike pulls out his Exercise Therapy books and tackles the question of butt pain and how to make it go away.

0031: Real, Raw and Unedited- WHAT DO YOU WANT? Jun 30, 2021


Do you spend any time really asking your self that question? Do you journal your answers and work towards making them happen? What does your Perfect Day even look like?

This week Mike takes a deep dive in what that really means.

0030: Cardio Training 101 Jun 23, 2021

This week Mike DeMora gives us a look at how we start a cardio training program with our new client. This seems to be a step that missed in many trainer's programs and a point of discussion in this week's BLOG.