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0007: Who CARES??

Jan 13, 2021



What do you think of when you hear the term 'Personal Trainer'?


Personal trainers help people lose weight, get stronger, or reach various fitness goals. But the thing that truly determines a personal trainer's success, is that they CARE.


Flashy physique and defined muscles are just a portion of the fitness community, and is certainly not a requirement in the fitness community.


3 of every 10 U.S. Adults are overweight, and 4 of every 10 U.S. Adults are obese. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the USA.


You've most likely explored the realm of fitness, and even have your own experience in exercise development, which is an amazing experience that can be used to help others.


You don't have to know everything, and you definitely do not have to have all the answers. The first and foremost indicator of success as a personal trainer, is caring for their clients.




If you're thinking about being a trainer, and you're worried that you don't look like the guy in the video or the girl in the video, and that's what's holding you back from being a trainer, you're missing the whole point. I say, look, if the average American male, the average American male has a waist of 40 inches, over 40 inches. And the average female has a dress size of 18 to 20. That's the average average average. If you're doing better than average, you should be a trainer. Look, if you look at the whole idea, if you look at the people that look like was in that just last video, right? That what you're going to see with most training companies, what they're trying to sell, just think about it. How are they going to relate to the normal client? How are they going to relate to the normal person?

Most people, if men have a waist of over 40, and women are in dress sizes of 18 to 20 average, and then they see this male or female with ripped abs and in perfect shape and Bumble, Woah. Do you think they can even relate? Look, I'm going to tell you, I have been training trainers for over 25 years. We have certified thousands and thousands of trainers. And I'm going to tell you very, very few look like that. And if they do, they usually don't end up being very good trainers, because they can't relate to the people they're training. Look, if you want to train professional athletes, right? If you want to train top of the top of the top, the top 1 or 0.1%, right? Then maybe sure, maybe you need to look like that. Maybe you need to be in that kind of shape. But if not, believe me, you don't need to wait.

The most important thing for you is that you care. We have an old saying around here that says, nobody cares what you know, until they know that you care, right? Nobody cares what you know, until they know that you care. And that's what we teach here at NCEP, the National College of Exercise Professionals. Hi, my name is Mike DeMora and I am actually the founder. Now I have been blessed for the last 25 years to be able to teach trainers our methods and be able to teach them that the most important thing about being a trainer is actually caring. It's not about what kind of shape you're in. Sure, you should live a healthy lifestyle. You should have the healthy mindset. In other words, when you go to eat something, do you look at it? And you think about, okay, is this good for me? Is this bad for me with this replenish, my health, will this help me grow with this helped me nurture or is this just processed, terrible food, right?


If you even have that mindset, you'd be a great trainer. Most people don't even think like that. Look at your friends, look at your family, right? Take off your shirt. Look at your friends. Look at your family. Are you in better shape than most them? And if you are, you should be a trainer. People need you. We've never had a higher need in America right now than for people who get it. People who understand what health is about. Look, if you're one of the healthy people and you walk around and you feel good about yourself, both mentally and physically, you don't need to look like the people in those videos. You just need to have a caring mentality and you want to help show others how to get there.

Look, that's all I needed to say right now. If you're interested, and this makes sense to you. I need you to click the button down below to get more information on how to become a trainer. You know, one of my, one of my friends and colleague that I used to just really follow until his untimely passing was a gentleman by the name of Wayne Dyer. And you know, he had a statement. It says, don't die with your music left inside. And that has resonated with me for the rest of my entire life. Guys, don't die with the music left inside. If your goal is to become a trainer and you want to help people, don't sit on the couch and wait for it to happen. Don't sit there and say, oh, I don't look good enough, or I can't do it. Or who would ever want to train with me? Or there are so many people that need you. There are so many people that need you. We need you as a profession. America has never been fatter. It's never been sicker. It's never been in a worse need for people who just care. People who want to teach a healthy lifestyle. People who live a healthy lifestyle. Please help me, help me hit 1 million people that go through our program. Thank you very much. My name is Mike DeMora. God bless.