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0006: What Does 2021 Look Like?

Jan 06, 2021



2021 is a brand new year, where do you want to see yourself next year? There are no limits, but ALWAYS be realistic. Small and lasting changes will always prevail over large and drastic changes.


Incentivize anything and anything! Your loss is just one experience among many others. Don't let a bad event represent the entire experience. The only reason you won't move forward is because you decided to stop.


Covid-19 has haulted many things, it's effects have been devastating to many of people's lives. Stay safe and continue to persist forward in the ways that we can.


Decide your goal. Apply the MAVA technique, which stands for meditate, affirm, visualize, & anchor. Meditate on your aspirations, affirm with yourself that this is YOUR goal, visualize this endeavor coming to life, & finally anchor it in your mind, to create the future you want.


Create a plan! Scale by the year, then break it down into monthly plan, which can be broken down with weekly objectives. Put everything down onto a paper and out of your mind, this way you can focus on the daily efforts required to accomplish your plan.


Only you can make your life great, noone can ever fulfill this. Continue pushing for a better tommorow.




Hi, Mike DeMora here, founder of the NCEP. The National College of Exercise Professionals. You may be wondering, why am I wearing everything Ohio state? Well, other than I'm an absolute Ohio state freak, uh, let's talk about what they just did. And what I mean by that is, I really want to break down how this relates to you and the new year.


So last year, Ohio state was in the college football playoffs, which is a prestigious honor. They only allow four teams in the entire nation to go play for the national championship, and last year they were allowed in, right? And they played a team called Clemson. Now, when they played Clemson, they were just crushing them, 16 to nothing! They had a, let's just say questionable call. And they ended up losing the game. And just by inches in the last minute. It was a very, very exciting game.


For most people that was so crushing. For most people that was just, oh my gosh, uh, you know, throw in the towel! Thats it. uh, everyone's against me! The world's a terrible place! It's not fair! We were this, whatever. Here's what they did. They took what happened and took it as an incentive. And what they did is they placed the score, the losing score all over the locker room. They placed it all over their workout room, and they used it as incentive. They used it as incentive to do better. Now for the entire year, for the entire year! They focused on one goal. And that goal was to do what? Go back to the college football playoffs and win that game. Well, I'm so happy to report that that's exactly what they did. And they crushed Clemson. I mean, crushed them! We're up three touchdowns for 90% of the game. That is dedication. Why I bring that up is, what is your goal?

Now We're starting a new year. Now everyone's going to say 2020 was a rough year. Oh my gosh, COVID this COVID that, things weren't good there. You know, people don't have money. People don't want to, but you know what? They're all excuses. During this last year Ohio state football was actually told their conference wasn't even going to play football. That all of their hopes and dreams that they put in for the whole year, they weren't even going to get a chance to try. Guess what? They petitioned. They, they, they caused an uproar. They, they, they grabbed everybody they could, and they made them change. And you know what? They were able to play now during the year, during the year because of COVID and all these tough, uh, little things infringed upon them. They were only able to play six games. And in three of the six games, they were missing over 20! Over 20 of their athletes, weren't even allowed to play because of the COVID rules. And yet they still found a way to victory.


What does this mean to you? This means, look, there's going to be some bumps and bruises around the way. There's going to be some challenges to overcome. But if you never get out of your mind what the end result is, and you think about it and you dream about it and you meditate about it. Remember our MAVA techniques, and you use our MAVA techniques over and over and over again until you get to your desired result. One of the biggest challenges is not even knowing what your, your result wants to be. What is your result? What do you want to happen? What is your goal for this year? Have you sat down, have you written out what you want to accomplish in all assets of your life? Well, here's my promise to you.


Throughout this year I am going to present every single week, every single week, another step along the way. Now look, I don't pretend to be anything that I am not, but there's one thing that I do. And that is create goals for myself. Create things that I step towards. Create things that make me a better person, a better human, a better trainer, a better educator. So decide who you are today. Decide who you want to be tomorrow and take steps towards that each and every day. You know, there's an old saying the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. What is your first step?


And look, if that means you're going to go to the gym and kill it or go for a workout and just think I'm going to kill it! I'm going to go run 10 miles! I'm going to do a hundred pushups! I'm going to go do this! Stop! Stop right there. It didn't take you one night to get to where it is you are now. Don't think it's going to take one day to what? To get back. Create a year plan. Break that up into a day. Break that up into a week. Break that up into a month. Keep checking back. Take a day. Every week where you check back with your goals. I like to do Sunday nights. before I go to bed Sunday night, I look at my previous week and I look at my week forward. and I decide what it is that I'm going to do. I make the steps And I write out in my planner, here's what I'm going to do this day. Here's what I'm going to do that day. And in every day's plan, I leave a little bit of a overlap just in case what, a little opening in case some of the things don't plan out. right

But make sure you make the plan. What's that old saying, those who fail to plan, plan to uh, won't succeed or something like that. All those sayings go through my head. I just want you to really, really create a plan. What is yours? Go for the stars. Shoot for the stars. Maybe you land up on the moon, but get there. Make a commitment to yourself that this year is going to be different. This year. You're going to truly follow through. The theme for this year is follow through, stay consistent. Do it each and every day. And if you have a bad day, what you do one day does not create who you are. It's what you do most days, that is who you become. So remember, one day, no big deal. Just don't let it happen the next day. Don't let it happen the next day.


Live your life on purpose. Create your plan. Stick with these videos, I come out every Wednesday at noon, a new video, a new plan, a new step. And I, I invite you to go along the journey with me. Thank you so much once again, this is Mike DeMora from the NCEP the National College of Exercise Professionals. Check us out at Check us out on our blog page. Check us out on everything that we do. Thank you so much. God bless have a wonderful year.