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0021: If you don't assess, It's just a guess

Apr 21, 2021

Last week we talked about the importance of doing the Health History in person to create a special relationship with your client. Now that you have completed the Health History, now what? Now you must assess the individual. It is like they have just purchased a suit. Now you must tailor that suit that it fits just right for them. Once again, the idea is to not only make them feel special, but to make sure they know they are special. 

We use the 7 Fundamental Movements as a baseline for all of our programming. It would only make sense that we should assess all 7 movements to create a program that fits their needs and their present condition. There are 3 facets to each of the 7 movements. First, we need to have them hold, or stabilize the position. Next, is to have them move slowly and control their movement. Lastly, and possibly most important, they are able to move at the speed of their real life. After they have shown competency in those 3 phases, it is now time to combine movements together in a more complex pattern. For example, if they can Bend, Squat and Push appropriately, it is now time to have them try a complex movement like a "Burpee". That is how we progress our clients to function. 

Always remember the goal of our programs is for the client to be able to move better, feel better, look better and be able to enjoy a more fulfilling life. If you keep that in mind, the rest will always take care of itself.