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0020: Don't Skip This Step!

Apr 14, 2021
Do you do a thorough Health History with all your clients and potential clients before you work with them?
I am here to tell you that you CANNOT skip this step. The Health History may be the single most important step in your training process. What most trainers don't realize is that this is the time to truly make personal training personal. Think of going in to your doctor's office and before you say a word they prep you for surgery! Sure, maybe it isn't as dramatic as all that, but it is along the same lines. Sitting down and discussing a person's Health History is when you really get to know them. It is time where they become vulnerable, and you are there to make it OK.
It is also a time to find out about their goals and why they are REALLY with you to train. This is where you must link their feelings to their words and find out just how serious they are about hitting their goals. When they tell you with tears in their eyes that can no longer move without pain, or keep up with their grandkids, or play catch with their son, or even just be active with their spouse, the shit gets real. If they have an issue that you KNOW you can help with, it is your JOB to make sure they leave buying training with you so you can help grant them their life back.
THAT my friends is why I teach personal trainers!
You have the power to help restore people back to whole or at least keep them whole so they can continue to enjoy all life has to offer.........
It starts with getting to know them as human beings first, before you ever step foot on the training floor.