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0017: Study Functional Anatomy

Mar 26, 2021

Moving is so simple, most of us do not even think twice when we move. The challenge comes when we stop moving, or only move in specific patterns. Our bodies were meant to move in all directions, all speeds and to move all the time.

With our sedentary lifestyles and lack of moving we are all headed for an ugly old age scenario. When did you stop playing? About the time you stopped playing is about the time you started to develop movement issues, or as Shirley Sharman writes "Movement Impairment Syndromes". Our movements become impaired from lack of use and over use. 

This week, Mike gently breaks down the whole system to be used by personal trainers, or really anyone who wants to know more about functional movement.

As personal trainers, it's critical that we understand the true function of a muscle and examine and understand how we should have our clients move. We can be the shepherds for people who want to cherish and celebrate their bodies through functional fitness.