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0015: Move Your Body!

Mar 10, 2021


Nothing in fitness actually makes sense. We call a sport Powerlifting that uses almost NO power, and we call a sport Olympic Weightlifting that is all about power. With that said, STOP listening to idiots telling you what to do. Let's use our common sense for a minute, shall we. 

If most people can't move their own bodies because they are overweight and are not strong enough to move well, why do most trainers ADD more weight to them? STOP IT!! In fact, the better question should be is " how do I create an environment where my client will be able to workout using LESS than their own bodyweight?" 

The goal of every trainer should be to get their clients more functional. We do this by using the 7 fundamental movement patterns and work them in all 3 planes of motion.



Hey everyone. Mike DeMora here at NCEP Fitness in Redondo Beach and you know, I just need to address something. I get all these people asking me, Mike, you said you work with professional athletes. You said you mentor college kids. You said you do all this kind of stuff and you actually really don't use weights. And my answer is no, I actually don't. I don't use them for myself. I don't use them for my athletes. I don't use them for my regular people. I don't use them for anything. You know what, and in fact what I wanted to do, and I know this is going to start shaking and be whatever, but I wanted to actually do is just show you our office. Right. I wanted to show you what it is that we have here in our fitness facility. Right? So let me switch the camera around.

Now that didn't work. Okay, I don't know how to do that. So I'm just going to try to like show you as we go, like, right. So of course we have our, of course we have our equipment for doing the videos. We have our equipment for videos, right? We have our look at that. We have our look, our, our skeleton to do our important things, our anatomy, what have you now we just, this is like our number one thing that we do everything off of. So we put this in the facility and it is nothing more than what? It's nothing more than basically, trying to find a way to show it to you. There you go. There it is. So that is a, you know, uh, basically what do you call that? A playground, right? A little playground thing that we have, right? Uh, monkey bars!

I think that's what they call them. Monkey bars. Right? What else do we have? So of course we have suspended trainer, right? We have suspended trainers. Um, we have the little course things we write on. Then we have thing we can do, cannot do without, our stick from sticks mobility. So we have two of them, two sticks from stick mobility. And, and here's something that we just got, which I just can't talk about enough. This is from Lebert Fitness and they're called the equalizers. Can you see them? There's two of them there. And they're just fantastic. Everything. You know, the only thing that I, that bothers me is the fact that I didn't invent them because I use them for everything. Whether we talk for dips, or use them for step overs, where I use them for leans for, I do anything. And you know, we're going to do a whole series with Lebert fitness because Lebert is a great guy and we've been in negotiations and we're going to work together.

And I just wanted to, like I said, tell you, of course, what else do we have? Of course we have what, we have our, didn't know if we saw that we have, are theragun right there handy. We also of course have our massage table. So I wanted to show you that we got a massage table right there. So, you know, we're asked all the time, I'm asked all the time. So you honestly don't use weights? And the answer is no, we don't. Okay. So I just tried to put that up there. Sorry about that. I'm not good. When we come to filming and running around and doing all that kind of stuff. So hopefully you got that, but all I'm trying to tell you is it drives me freaking crazy because everyone doesn't believe that we actually don't use weights. We don't, we don't even have them in here.

You know, I've got a couple of dumbbells just for swinging and trying to get some movement. And if we need to work on some momentum stuff or what have you, but basically we don't even have any weights here. Right? We don't have a bench press. We don't have a leg press. We don't have a, you know, whatever the hell else that anybody was using. And yet, how do we produce these crazy amazing athletes? How do we produce professional, professional, boxers, professional MMA fighters, professional athletes in almost every sport, major league baseball or hockey, soccer. You name it, right? How do we produce these athletes? And we don't use weights. It's because you don't need them. It's so ingrained in your heads that, Oh, I gotta use weight. I gotta use weight. You don't. Look I've given these statistics a million times. I'm going to give them again.

The average, average male in the United States is over 200 pounds with a waistline of 40 inches. That is grossly grossly out of shape. Right? The last thing you need to do to this dude is put weight on him, right? That's the last thing you need to do. He already weighs 200 pounds. He probably couldn't squat at all. You have them go down four inches and he's ready to fall over. Right? You can't add weight to these people. They're already carrying too much weight. The last thing you want to do is add more weight to them. Okay? So what happens inside the body is when it's kind of an odd thought, but when a muscle is weak, right? And it has too much load, it actually tightens, it tightens to protect itself. It tightens the try to make sure that it doesn't tear and rip because it tries to use all it can to stay together.

Right? And so that you don't hurt yourself. So these people are walking around with bizarrely, tight muscles. One part of their muscle will be not one part of the muscle, but one part of their body will be really tight. The other part loose, look, they're sitting all day long, right? So all those muscles that are shortened, they're going to be tight and ugly and not be able to move very well. The last thing you want to do is load them. If you can't understand how the body works, you shouldn't be a trainer. Okay? Think functional anatomy. You know, it's funny, I'm in this big forum, personal trainer USA, or something like that. Right. And I put in it, I always give my same kind of little thing is, what is the function of the gluteus medius? And you should see some of these cockamamie answers.

Right? In fact, I actually wrote, I got so frustrated that I actually wrote. I said, look, if you're going to write down hip AB duction is what is what the actual function of the gluteus medius is. Not only should you go to your certification and ask for a refund, but your clients should ask for reparations for what you've done to them. For however many sessions you've been to guys, look, I'm not here. I don't want to yell at you. I want to yell with you, right? I want to get you excited about the human body. Watch people like Ido Portal, or watch things called flex aesthenics, or watch anything with calisthenics or watch things that, uh, with these, uh, free runners or, or with parkour, watch these people, watch even, even the American Ninja warrior, these are athletes and they don't use weights.

Okay. Now look, if you are into that whole, um, you know, competing thing, that's a whole different scenario, but most of your clients won't be, most of your clients just want to look better, feel better and move better, right? Even if they're telling you, they want to bench press 200 pounds, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. And once you show them that they will understand, they will feel better, look better and say, wow, benching 200 pounds really doesn't mean anything to me. Okay. We need to get people functional. That is our goal, functional, both what mind, body, and spirit. And I'm going to tell you the one on the front and the one on the end are way more important, right? We need to make sure our people have a good mindset. We're in the weirdest, funkiest time ever, right. Being put in quarantine and wearing masks.

And I just want to share a little story that happened to me the other day. I was walking on the, on, um, walk, jogging, doing my normal workouts. Right. And this little, little toddler was kind of walking in the path with, with her parents, right? And her parents were all masked up. It looked like they were going to be in surgery. And I wasn't wearing a mask. I'm out in a park. Right. And I'm there doing my walk jog. Right. And all of a sudden, I, what is been as if I was running down the street with a machete or a gun, they ran into the path, grabbed the kid and took her and ran away with her and stared at me like I was this hooligan or something. And it was just freaky. It was freaky because why? Because I didn't have a mask on, Oh my gosh, look, if I'm six foot tall and the little toddler is about one foot tall, we already have five foot in between us just walking past.

And I wasn't going to like walk over and go be like, hey how're you doing right? I'm not like that. So I just don't get it. These people were getting freaked out. Look all. I'm the only point of that whole all story was to try to get people to understand. It's a really weird time. People are all freaked out. They're there, they're there. They've lost all common sense. Okay. We need to bring common sense back. And one of the biggest places that's missing is in their fitness, in their fitness. We've lost all common sense with fitness, right? Why is it that we call power lifting, which is what bench squat, deadlift. Why don't we call it power lifting when there's absolutely no power involved. It's all about what strength. It's all about strength. And then we call these things called Olympic weightlifting. When guess what? It's all about.

It's all about power. So you already understand, you already understand that anything in fitness is pretty whack. It already doesn't make sense. So don't follow what is, what is going on in the muscle and FIC fiction world. Don't read these bizarre magazines that tell you that you need to do 32 sets of 432 pounds of weight and do all this. It's all. Use your body right. Use your body. And if you think you're there once again, then start being more creative with your own body. If you could already do 10, 15, 20, 40 pushups, slowly controlled, moving your body, holding stabilizing, moving right then why not try handstand pushups. If you could already do great squats with two feet, you can go all the way down, touch your butt to the floor, go all the way down. Smooth rhythmically, slow, fast, whatever speed you want.

And that's too easy. Then use one leg, right? And then use one leg and go all the way down. And I guarantee you, that's going to be a huge challenge for you. And even if you, the trainer are already good at that, your clients won't be your clients will be. I have professional athletes that when you ask them to do a single leg squat, all the way down, they're all over the place, all over the place. Right? And so it's already a challenge to them, right? You want to add more load, jump. The landing of the jump adds unbelievable more load to the whole equation. Just when you add speed, right? When you add speed, speed equals load in the full equation, all I'm saying is the last thing you should think about is putting weight with people. We don't need it.

We don't need it. Go to any of the rehab clinics and watch. When I say rehab clinics, I'm not talking about alcohol and drugs. I'm talking about, watch physical therapists and watch what they work. And you'll see all these people who have hurt themselves terribly because they can't even use their own weight. And then we go and add more weight to them. So look, I want to wrap this up by just saying we're here all the time. Every single Wednesday from noon to one. If you are a part of the NCEP family, if you are part of our membership base, come have a chat with us. Noon to one, right? If you're part of the membership base, it's in our standard workshop, it's right up there in the, in the welcome center. And it says here, here's the zoom link. We'd love to hear about you. We'd love to hear from you. We'd love to hear what you're doing. Right? Email us, call us, do something, but getting contact with us. We are here to help. Okay? So with that said, I'm going to let you go for this week. Hope to hear from you next week. Hope I didn't scare anybody off, but once again, stop using weight. Stop using weight. Use your body. Thank you. Take care. Have a great day. God bless.


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