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How To Become an Online Trainer

Are you interested in becoming an ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER? So happy for you! It’s one of the most exciting and satisfying careers you can have.

A good first step is learning how to set up your online business the right way from the start. And NCEP is here to do just that. In fact, we are the ONLY certification company that will hold your hand step by step on how to set up all aspects of your Online Business. After all, we’ve been the top choice with fitness pros around the world for more than 20 years, with over 5,000 enrollments and counting. We know you will agree, there is no where else that is truly helping people adopt an online system that can compare to the NCEP Certified Online Trainer certification and program. No one will better prepare you to actively start your online career with hands-on training and community support.

In as few 4 to 6 weeks you could be an NCEP Certified ONLINE TRAINER— setting your own hours and enjoying the job security of working in an industry that’s expected to grow by 10% each year. Even more important is that you will leave the course with an online business set up and ready to sustain through any type of economic or social crisis.


Let’s face it, times are challenging right now. Trying to navigate your way through these uncertain times can be really overwhelming. Most personal trainers don’t have a Plan B or different option if we all of sudden couldn’t meet face to face with our clients. We were just smacked in the face with that reality. Despite the social distancing, uncertainty, and challenges surrounding the pandemic, we can only look to adapt and stay the path. At the beginning of the year, NCEP and stuck a beautiful relationship together. Both Mike (NCEP Founder) and Gary (ptEnhance Founder) have one true mission in life, help as many trainers as possible be successful so they in turn help as many of their clients live a longer, stronger and more fulfilling life. 

What is interesting is the fact we have been working on this relationship since the middle of last year.  We were set to launch the cert in third quarter this year. Due to the recent events in the world, we thought it best to launch now. This is not a knee jerk reaction to the times, but a planned strategy that we feel all trainers should incorporate at all times. The misconception is if a trainer works with a client online, he is giving them less service. The deeper truth behind it is that we as trainers can give a higher level of service to people and touch more people more deeply than they ever could with in-person training. Traditional training often leaves the trainer with a lack of time and resources to devote to each person if he is without the use of automation and technology.

As an organization, we wanted to compile the most comprehensive, done for you, step-by-step program to get your online business not just up and running, but thriving. When things start to go back to the way things used to be, do YOU want to fall back into the way things used to be, or do you want to create a business that can sustain you during any challenges. The goal of this course is for you to learn:

  • How to train clients remotely
  • FREE Personal Training Software For Life
  • How To Attract Clients with Social MediaW
  • How To Train Using the 7 Functional Movements without the Use of Weights or Machines
  • FREE Website, Landing Page and Lead Capture and How To Use It
  • Healthy Eating at Home
  • Techniques to Help Reduce Anxiety 
  • Two Live Training Calls Per Week
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: You Will Make More Than Enough Money Using These Techniques To Pay For The Course*

Make sure you’re eligible.


To be eligible for the NCEP ONLINE TRAINER CERTIFICATION you must:

  • Have a personal training certification or degree 
  • Be 16 years of age or older

No personal training certification? No problem. You can sign up for our online PT certification. You need to have successfully completed that at some point before you start personal training clients. The ONLINE Trainer Cert does not teach someone how to be a trainer, it teaches a TRAINER how to work with clients ONLINE. 

Choose a Certified ONLINE Training Program

If you decide on NCEP – and we hope you do – there are currently 2 payment plans to choose from. There are no wrong decisions – all will help prepare you for a career in ONLINE personal training! This program can be used as an adjunct to traditional in-person personal training or to create a business that is solely for online training. We go so far to say that EVERY personal trainer should be using this software and these techniques for ALL trainers.

We’ve Got The Perfect ONLINE TRAINER Program For You

NCEP offers 2 ways to pay for your Online program. 


This program has everything set up for you. You will be eligible for 2 live calls per week and a special group on FaceBook. If you and a friend want to go through together, call for extra special pricing.  


Online Trainer Certification
$ 499 One Time Payment- Save $99
  • NCEP Success Center
  • FREE Personal Training Software
  • Done For You Exercise Programs
  • Two Weekly Live Support Calls
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Your Own Beautiful Website
  • Online Questionnaires
  • Scheduling Tool
  • Your Own Online Store
  • Money Back Guarantee*
Most Popular

As Low As $99

Online Trainer Certification
$ 99 6 Weekly Payments
  • Everything in the Essentials Course
  • 6 Monthly Payments
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Want to see what the ONLINE TRAINER CERTIFICATION is all about?

Complete and submit this form for more info and to receive exclusive offers. We will be launching our first class in May. Space is very limited for this BETA group.

*Guarantee: If you haven’t made back your investment in this program within 60 days of payment, you can request a full refund. Refunds are subject to our terms and conditions.