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Monetizing Physical Gains – Personal Training and Making Smart Investments in Your Career

Starting a personal training career can be a daunting task for those who may not have a wide breadth of business experience or are new to the field. You may have the passion and dedication to starting your new business, but how exactly do you get started? What are the best ways you can set yourself up for success, and ensure the investments you make in your career, and in yourself, will produce worthwhile results that will provide you long term stability? 

Many people try to take the fast track to their personal training career, signing up for online certification courses and jumping headfirst into the field. While this may work for a select few, statistics have shown that there are much better ways to go about the process if you want to succeed in the most comprehensive way possible. 

Instead of online courses, in person certification courses have been shown to be far more effective when it comes to the physical training and education regarding all the elements that go into being a personal trainer. Programs like those that are offered at recognized institutions such as the National College of Exercise Professionals (or NCEP), provide prospective trainers with the in depth experience they need to build a long term career and achieve their financial goals. 

When taking an in-person certification course, a trainer is also able to get one on one experience with professionals that have been working in the field for years. They can get the questions they have answered and be guided on how to best proceed with their business, gaining insights that can only be found by talking to these experienced professionals who have knowledge in mentoring up and coming trainers. 

The president of NCEP, Michael DeMora, recognized the need for new personal trainers to have in person guidance to not only help with their approach in training their clients, but to allow them to build their training business in a prosperous way. He realized how effective in person training, unlike online certification, is at mirroring the hands-on training that a new personal trainer will have when building their client base. To help best prepare a trainer for this, the certification courses offered by NCEP provides business training alongside the physical training certification, as well as guidance nutrition, and on how to create beneficial interpersonal communication with clients that will encourage loyal, long term business relationships. Furthermore, Michael recognized the difficulties new trainers face when trying to build their client base and get in contact with gyms that will hire them, he responded to this need by creating programs within NCEP that help place certified trainers with gyms and training facilities not only in a trainers local area, but also in major cities throughout the US, a resource only offered to those who take advantage of the in person training due to the high quality standard it holds it’s graduates to. 

For NCEP, class sizes are small and limited to make sure that trainers get the individualized education they seek. For those looking to get a jumpstart on 2020 and take advantage of the high season of personal training, thus setting themselves up with clients that will last and who coming back to them for months to come, NCEP is offering a special discount for their Standrad Personal Training course. For those who sign up early, there are extra reading materials and videos that will be sent out via email, allowing a trainer to prepare as much as possible and take advantage of every resource offered. Capitalizing on a special discounted session allows you to get the most you possibly can out of your initial investments into your career, ensuring that you will be able to get back what you put in swiftly when you take action to build your business and start a new chapter in crafting your personal training livelihood! To sign up for this course visit the NCEP website: an use code NCEP100 at checkout to save 20% off. Military and veterans get up to 50% off when they email proof to [email protected].


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