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NCEP Partners with Equinox to Explore Why In-Person Training is Superior to Online Courses When Getting a Personal Trainer Certificate

National College Exercise Professionals offers unique hands-on functional fitness workshops to train future personal trainers for the upcoming holiday resolution season! 

With the new year right around the corner, the demand for personal trainers is about to skyrocket as people make their fitness resolutions and look for guidance on how to best change their workout habits. For those who are looking to be a personal trainer, now is the best time to get a jumpstart on their certification so they can begin to inspire and train people to live their healthiest lives, and build a business or find a training job that will not only allow their career to grow, but also to sustain itself and thrive! 

But what is the best way to become an elite personal trainer, fitness clubs will hire? How can one guide their personal trainer clients to get the results they want so they, and their friends, keep coming back? While there are many popular online personal training certification courses available, it has been shown that in-person training courses are often the best way for a trainer to build the skills they need to provide the ideal results for their clients, and maintain lasting client relationships. 

Unlike many online courses, hands-on certification allows a trainer to delve deep into how they would interact with their clients, not only in how they would physically train them, but also how they would build their business relationships with them. The National College of Exercise Professionals (NCEP), for example, provides not only in-depth physical training certification, but also helps trainers by providing them with extra training material consisting of books and videos, bringing them through business and leadership workshops, nutrition training, and even helps with job placement at facilities ranging from your local area to cities across the nation. 

This October, NCEP has a special opportunity for trainers looking to maximize their career potential. By partnering with Equinox Fitness in the city of San Francisco, NCEP has set up an offer where trainers who attend the live certification course will be scouted by the exclusive company, giving them the chance to be brought on to the top-notch team and have access to high profile clients and business opportunities. Elite trainers at Equinox make upwards of a six-figure yearly salary, and this program’s personal connection to this competitive company gives trainers who are seeking to build their career a unique edge that not many get the chance to take advantage of.

Certification classes are small and often one on one, with no more than about 20-25 people over the two day intensive course. The founder and president of NCEP, Michael DeMora, discovered that unlike online certification, a more hands-on certification training can help mirror the hands-on training that a trainer will have with their clients. The courses at NCEP has certified thousands of trainers, fitness expert trainers like Tony Horton, who after taking courses at NCEP went on to found the highly popular P90X program that went on to revolutionize his career and the fitness world as a whole. 

NCEP and Equinox is offering this career changing opportunity for their personal training certification.

Future personal trainers are encouraged to  sign up for thirty days to at least 1 week in advance. After signing up for the workshop they are sent informational videos and reading materials to prepare for the personal trainer certification exam, so they can be as  prepared as possible when starting their certification, and will stand out to the training scouts who are looking to bring them onto the Equinox Fitness Club Team! To sign up for this course visit their website: an use code NCEP100 at checkout to save 20% off. Military and veterans get up to 50% off when they email proof to [email protected].

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